The July birthstone – Ruby

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The July birthstone – Ruby

Have you ever wondered which is your birthstone if you are born in July?

Did you ever ask yourself why do you feel more motivated if you are wearing your favorite red gemstone?

Have you ever wondered what kind of gift should you offer to someone who was born in July?

We have just talked to our gemologists and we have some good news for you and your beloved friends born in July. Today we are discovering together the spectacular gemstone of the seventh month of the year.

The July birthstone is one of the world’s four precious gemstones – The Ruby, well known as the King of Gems. No matter you choose to wear it as a hand bracelet for men or prefer an exquisite ring or necklace, it will look amazing. This precious blood-red colored gemstone has its origin in the Latin language where Ruby means red. During the ancient times, legends told that Ruby was a self-radiant stone which possessed the essence of life in the form of a drop of Mother Earth’s blood.

With its vibrant and beautiful red color and its impressive hardness that makes it the perfect gemstones for everyday wear, Ruby is one of the most valuable stones of the gemstone family.

People born in July can benefit from wearing red Rubies because this gemstone will motivate them and it will make them truthful while they are following their goals. Just wear a ruby bracelet and you will feel its power.

Also, if you are born in July you must know that the Ruby gemstone meanings are universal: harmony, integrity, strength, success and very important… the protection from Evil. It’s said that Ruby represents the courage and strength of the wearer. In the meantime, you must know that a popular belief from the Middle Ages was that Rubies could turn their color to darker red or even brown as a warning sign of forthcoming problems and bad luck.

If you are feeling inert and locked up, then just choose a ruby bracelet, ring or necklace – with its light and refreshing energy, this stone will help you rise and move toward fulfilling your life goals.

This birthstone can bring to the wearer good luck and quality friends. Also, one of the many properties of this birthstone includes emotional support to everyone who wears it. This precious gemstone is actually a token of peace and harmony and those born under it are calm and level headed people. Also, they are vibrant, confident and very determined. They will always attract good luck and really good friends.

The Ruby gemstone is also a symbol of long-lasting romance. This is why all the people born in July prefer being in a settled long-term relationship with someone they love and trust.

Ruby is believed to have many healing properties, but the essential one is that this stone can ensure the physical and mental health of the individual who wears it. The Ruby gemstone is known as the stone of love, passion, power, and energy and in the meantime, this gemstone encourages the removal of negative energies from your path.

This deep red gemstone will bring good fortune to its owner and it will always protect him from the bad energies. Add to your jewelry collection at least a hand bracelet for men or women and be inspired by its beauty and deep meaning.

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