The semi-precious stone bracelets you should wear if you are born in August

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The semi-precious stone bracelets you should wear if you are born in August

If you are born in the hottest month of the year, the perfect semi-precious stone bracelet for you is made of Peridot because this is your birthstone. You are and you will always be protected by the Peridot gemstone’s blessings and fortune.

The name of this birthstone comes from the Arabic language, where „faridat” means „gem”. Also, it’s believed that Peridot comes from the Greek word „Peridona” which means „giving plenty”.

Peridot is August’s most often used birthstone and its color is defined by the gemologists as a light-olive green.

People who are born in August, should wear this green gemstone as a beaded bracelet or as a luxurious pendant because it’s an excellent source of good, healing energies.

It is said that everyone who will wear this luxury stone will attract wealth and prosperity easily. If your boyfriend or husband is born in August, then you must know that the perfect gift for him is a Peridot semi-precious stone bracelet because it will help you prevent jealousy and anger in your relationship. Also, this gemstone will bring courage and happiness to the wearer.

If you have a weakness for green gemstones, it’s a must to buy yourself a Malachite beaded bracelet. This fabulous gemstone has a regal and mesmerizing appearance. Also, its white and dark green striations make it look like a very expensive jewel. It will be your favorite timeless piece of jewelry.

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Another luxurious green semi-precious stone bracelet is The Green Tiger Eye. This gemstone will help you improve your sense of self-worth and it will help you to keep the balance in your life. Associated with an exquisite, Sterling Silver Marcasite Rose, this Green Tiger Eye beaded bracelet will be your eye-catchy, iconic jewelry this summer.

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