Relieve stress from your life by wearing these beaded bracelets

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Relieve stress from your life by wearing these beaded bracelets

Emails. Meetings. Projects. Are you having some crazy days? Do you feel that you can’t handle all the things that are going on? Don’t panic, you are a little bit stressed but you’ll see that everything will be ok in the end.

You only need some time for yourself and the right semi-precious stone bracelets which will help you learn how to relieve stress naturally. They are made of the gemstones that Mother Earth has provided us. All the stones carry the energies of the Earth with them and if you’re keeping the right ones close to you, you will combat stress most easily. Just let our beaded bracelets created from 100% natural gemstones imported from Africa and Asia to guide you during your spiritual healing journey.

We asked our gemologists and we found out which beaded bracelets you should wear if you want to eliminate stress and anxiety from your life.

Amethyst beaded bracelet
Called the „All healer”, the Amethyst beaded bracelet is a real natural stress reliever. It will clear your aura and it will encourage your inner strength to fight these stress and anxiety feelings. Amethyst is a powerful, protective, and healing stone. Wear it as your daily beaded jewelry and it will keep you protected from all kinds of harm, including ill wishes and electromagnetic stress. This semi-precious stone bracelet will ease stress and strain; it will soothe annoyance and irritability and regulate your mood swings. Not least, it will help you get rid of anxiety, fear, rage, and anger while you’ll be wearing it.

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Lapis Lazuli Beaded Bracelet

If you’re feeling overwhelmed in your personal and professional life, you should wear our Lapis Lazuli Beaded Bracelet with a Touch of Gold. This gemstone will support you on your spiritual journey and help you clear away all the negative feelings that make you feel stressed out or vulnerable. Wear it as your spiritual totem and just hold this bracelet in your hands and you’ll get an instant lift of inner peace every time you have a bad day.

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White Howlite Beaded Bracelet

A stressful period with a significant lack of sleep. Well, Mother Earth already took care of this aspect and gave us the White Howlite gemstone to help you with the Insomnia. Wear this beaded bracelet and you won’t have problems with falling asleep at night. In this way, you’ll feel more rested and less stressed.

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Rose Quartz Beaded Bracelet

If you’re a stressed woman, this gemstone will be your healing portal. Wear a beaded bracelet made of Rose Quarts and it will help you release your resentment, anger, grief, and other negative emotions that are elevating your stress levels. Wear this semi-precious stone bracelet daily and you will release your stress by promoting forgiveness, compassion and love step by step.

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