A great outfit is a must on the beach! Add some pepper with the right semi-precious stone bracelets

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A great outfit is a must on the beach! Add some pepper with the right semi-precious stone bracelets

No makeup on the beach, no food before sleep, no red wine in the summer. Who makes these rules? It doesn’t even matter; the best rules are those who can be broken. For example, gone are the days when wearing jewelry to the beach was considered a faux pas. Let’s just think about how beach fashion evolved during the last years. It’s a must to have at least a one-piece swimwear in your closet, a fancy hat, and a see-through dress that looks great in pictures. We are going further and say that semi-precious stone bracelets are all you need to look perfect on the beach. It's an "extra" world we live in these days, and wearing jewelry is a major trend this summer. Even celebrities, models, and It girls aren't holding back.

So the question is: are you going to love your precious accessories at home? If you still hesitate, just stay with us until the end of this article. Below you can find some of the jewelry-at-the-beach examples that will make you fall in love at first sight.

Pink Tiger Eye Beaded Bracelet 
Summer is about having fun, so a pink bracelet is all you need to highlight your good mood and the stories you are about to make. It’s a very delicate gemstone that will look perfect with your swimwear and the flowing clothes. More than this, we want to remind you that our semi-precious stone bracelets have special properties. This beautiful piece of jewelry is an exceptional choice if you are generally with your head in the clouds and lack the commitment to follow through with your plans. You know how it always happens: one Margarita becomes three, and the night becomes morning. Just wear it and you will be more responsible.

White Quartz Beaded Bracelet
White is the best color (not a color, but still) for a perfect beach look. It will highlight your beautiful tan and make your skin look like delicious chocolate. You can wear it with white swimwear or choose a strong color. Opt for a single bracelet or mix it with other semi-precious stone bracelets. This gemstone has a soft feminine energy that will balance your Ying and Yang energies and it will align your chakras. Thanks to its properties, White Quartz will help you see the world through the eyes of a child, but with the wisdom of an adult. And we all know how children enjoy beaching. Enjoy your journey and forget about your everyday problems.

Apatite Beaded Bracelet
Let’s end this article with a bracelet that looks just like the waves of the ocean. It’s amazing how hypnotizing can be this gemstone. Our designers chose to combine it with 100% natural marcasite, a stone with a powerful calming effect. Mixed with Apatite, which is known for its ability to enhance clarity, we created a bracelet that you must take with you on the beach. Wear it, lay on the sand and watch the sea. Meditate and relax.

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