Meet the October birthstone: Tourmaline

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Meet the October birthstone: Tourmaline

If you are born in October, you must know that your birthstone is associated with a "rainbow of colors”. Known as the "stone with mixed colors”, Tourmaline is your lucky gemstone. Ancient mystics believed that this birthstone could enhance the artistic expression of the wearer because it could have a color palette for every mood. Sometimes inside this semi-precious stone, the colors are different or you can see only one powerful color in its heart.

The "watermelon tourmaline” is one of the most popular types of Tourmaline. It has a pink center with a green rind.

Tourmaline is very known for its fantastic ability to look like other gemstones and create some confusions: many gemstones in the Russian Crown jewels from the 17th Century once thought to be Rubies, are in fact Tourmalines. This semi-precious stone could be really, really charming. The last Empress of the Ch'ing Dynasty was so passionate about this stone that she bought huge quantities of it, mostly of pink color from mines discovered during her reign in California. After that, the Tourmaline was used for jacket buttons watches and other clothing accessories worn by the Imperial Court and some other rich personalities.

Available in so many colors, this semi-precious stone will relief you from stress and it will help you gain harmony. Also, it will give you emotional support and encouragement.

Tourmaline is a great stone for your personal life because it will strengthen the love you feel while it will help you transform your relationship to better. Wearing it you will not be motivated by pride but by love and it will provide you the desire for a long-lasting relationship.

The October birthstone can be easily associated with happiness and joy because it has the power to amplify all the positive feelings of the wearer.

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