New Year’s Superstitions: Let These Bracelets Be Your Lucky Charm on NYE

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New Year’s Superstitions: Let These Bracelets Be Your Lucky Charm on NYE

For years and years, people have practiced different traditions on New Year's Eve to gain luck in the one to come. Each region has its own specific beliefs, and nobody was able to scientifically prove these rituals are working. Still, people continued using them all through the years, which means there must something special and some truth to them.

Some of these beliefs involve bracelets, which people from all places and ages had worn as lucky charms on the last day of the year and the first day of the new one. In what follows, you can discover what's the meaning behind the bracelet you were destined to wear on the passing of the years.

The way you spend the night before the first day of 2020 is up to you! You can party the night away, kiss under the mistletoe or relax in the comfort of your own home. No matter what you'll be doing in that very special moment, you have to wear one of the bracelets from Balisarda's jewelry Festive Collection. If you are not sure which one to choose, guide yourself according to the following beliefs.

What are the Lucky Colors of the New Year?

The bracelet you choose should go according to the resolutions you have for the next year. In doing so, you should pay close attention to the color your bracelet will have, Here is the meaning behind each color:

White stands for tranquillity. White beaded bracelets are perfect for those who need to purify the energy in their life and start fresh. To achieve the full potential offered by this color, go for a White Quartz beaded bracelet.

Red is the most popular color chosen for the New Year's Eve party. As you probably know, all around the world, people wear red underwear on this night, as doing so is believed to bring luck. Choose the festive Rubellite beaded bracelet and enjoy the feeling of love, strength, and security.

Yellow, this solar color, is perfect for hitting the year off, as it represents pure joy and happiness. Any beaded bracelet decorated with yellow semi-precious stones will instantly make you happier.

Orange bracelets should be worn by artists or anyone who needs some inspiration in their life. Believe it or not, wearing this color on New Year's Eve is believed to increase fertility and the chances of becoming a parent in 2020. Mixed Bronzite Snowflake Picture Jasper creates the perfect dark shade of orange.

- Wearing green bracelets on the last night of 2019 is believed to increase your career perspectives for the new year. It is also said that those wearing green will earn money in the next year and will get to travel a lot, especially when they choose festive Malachite beaded bracelets.

- Those wearing blue when 2020 starts are going to enjoy a good flow of communication, as well as an overall state of well-being. If this is what you are looking for, then a Blue Goldstone bracelet is a great choice.

When you know you have the right bracelet, do not be afraid to walk into the next year with your heart open and confident that everything you wish for will become true.

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