2020 Trends: The Best Blue Men's Luxury Bracelets

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2020 Trends: The Best Blue Men's Luxury Bracelets

By now you should already know what color is going to start the new decade off. Be prepared for it to get classy because in the new year you will get to see shades of blue wherever you look!

Why would you want a blue bracelet?

Blue is a wonderful color, and it can be found everywhere in nature: in seas, in rivers, in the rainbow, and in the sky. People who are born with blue eyes are considered extremely special in some cultures. On the other hand, blue is a royal color, used by many queens and kings for decorating their flags, their castles, their robes or their crowns.

More than that, everybody looks good in blue. It is very versatile, being an easy to match color. You can wear it to a formal attire since it looks unbelievably good with a suit. You can also wear it casually, during a normal workday, with a dark shirt, a grey blazer or a green turtle neck. These blue beaded bracelets will make a difference to your day to day outfit.

Not to mention how cool they are going to look when you'll be wearing them for a date or a drink. They have a cool story to them thanks to their gemstones (so you don't have to worry you'll run out of conversation topics) and they are an eye-catcher. Wear them confidently with a shirt and jeans and let them work their magic!

Balisarda offers a rich collection of blue beaded bracelets. In what follows, we will present them to you from the lightest shade of blue to the darkest one.

  • Light Blue Beaded Bracelets

These bracelets look amazing when mixed with dark-colored clothes, like a dark purple shirt or a black blazer. You should benefit from their clear color during the day and enjoy their shining light at night. These are the light blue bracelets from Balisarda:

Apatite Beaded Bracelets | Sterling Silver Bead | Turquoise Gemstones

Aquamarine Beaded Bracelet | Triple Sterling Silver Beads | Light Blue Gemstones

  • Classic Blue Beaded Bracelets

Blue has a positive influence on your mind. It has a very soothing effect and some people claim that it produces some chemicals that make your body relax and your mind feel more at peace. When you wear a blue accessory, it is more likely that people will see you as an honest person. Therefore, you should choose one of the following blue bracelets:

Lapis Lazuli Beaded Bracelet Triple 24 K Gold Plated Silver Beads | Blue Gemstones

Blue Tiger Eye Beaded Bracelet | Triple Sterling Silver Beads | Blue Gemstones

  • Dark Blue Jewelry

If you choose jewelry in this shade of blue, you will have a bracelet that goes with literally anything! No color looks bad when worn next to dark blue. Be confident when you wear one of the next beaded bracelets, as dark blue stands for elegance, sophistication, and intelligence.

Chrysocolla Beaded Bracelet | Triple 24 K Gold Plated Silver Beads | Dark Blue Gemstones

Festive Blue Goldstone | Beaded Bracelet | Sparkling Dark Blue

Sodalite Beaded Bracelet | Sterling Silver Bead | Dark Blue Gemstones on Black Cord

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