Birthday Gift Ideas: 4 Luxurious Beaded Bracelets for Capricorns

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Birthday Gift Ideas: 4 Luxurious Beaded Bracelets for Capricorns

They have a reputation as stubborn and they are known as the zodiac sign which is always in full control of their destiny. There’s no exception: they always get all they want, in both personal and professional life.

Can you guess which is the zodiac sign we are talking about?

The Capricorns, those we celebrate between the 21st of December – 19th of January.

Buying a gift for them was never simple, but don’t worry. From now on, it will be. Our gemmologist is here to recommend you the best semi-precious beaded bracelets for the Capricorns you love.

Sparkling Garnet beaded bracelet

We bet that the Capricorn will love these claret beads once he will see them. Due to its beautiful and mysterious colour, the Sparkling Garnet beaded bracelet will become one of the most luxurious gifts he had ever received. The Garnet will provide support to the Capricorn’s crazy energy so he can achieve everything he wants. This semi-precious stone is a stone of commitment to your goals.

Facetated Black Onyx beaded bracelet

Even tho Capricorns are superhumans sometimes (because they have the power to ignore exhaustion and always focus on their objective) they will thank you later for this luxurious gift. This Facetated Black Onyx beaded bracelet will give them strength and will power, so they will accomplish all theirs missions with success.

Festive Malachite beaded bracelet

One of the Capricorn's moto is "I can succeed at anything I put my mind into.", so they hate being hold back. That’s the reason why this Festive Malachite beaded bracelet it’s a great gift idea for them. One of the Malachite’s properties is that will help them be consistent in their plans and set their goals into actions, even if they have to ignore all the people trying to stop them.

Red Tiger Eye beaded bracelet

Match their belief that they can really do anything they want in life with their birthday gift. Offer to the Capricorn you love this charming Red Tiger Eye beaded bracelet and let this semi-precious stone amplify the energy of this zodiac sign. Once he will wear this Red Tiger Eye beaded bracelet daily, he will have more confidence in his inner power. 


Surprise your loved Capricorns with our timeless taste beaded bracelets and let our spiritually healing semi-precious stones change their lives.




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