Festive style

This December it’s all about a Festive Style!

Be Christmas spirited and let our 100% authentic, spiritually healing gemstones help you rekindle the love, find the peace of mind and the joy of following your own way. 

Your new, luxurious lucky charms are here! Happy Holidays! 

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Festive Style

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With its delicate color and its precious brilliance, Silver is one of the most popular metals used for decorative jewelry. It was also one of our designer’s top choices for adding the finishing touch to our collections, due to its timeless elegance, but also to its positive interaction with natural gemstones. Believed to enhance the powers of the moon, Silver is often associated with peace, patience, inner balance and protection. It is also thought to help people get in touch with their emotions and better express their feelings. Silver is a protective metal that can help you focus on positive feelings and let go of negativity, while also supporting emotional healing processes. Silver will not interfere with the other gemstones, but it will subtly enhance the flow of energy, thus strengthening your connection with your bracelet of choice.