The reason

We're on a mission

to offer jewelry with a meaning.

Powerful. Beautiful. Balanced. These bracelets are more than meets the eye.  Shaped with infinite care from rocks that have the well-known ability to restore and enhance your body's natural energy, each piece of Balisarda jewelry is a symbol of timeless elegance and personal style.

Whether you're searching for more balance, energy, creativity or focus, there's a gemstone that can replenish your natural resources and support you in your quest to better yourself. Learn how to harness the natural power of these ancient stones and to channel it towards your goals.

Choose the one that best fits your personality and wear it like your own little secret. Beautiful on the outside. Powerful on the inside.


The story

Our passion is pairing ancient stones

with contemporary designs.

Gemstones have been around for millennia, when people first discovered their natural healing abilities and started using them for physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Nowadays, we've learn to add value to these stones with uniquely handcrafted gold and silver jewelry, in order to reveal their true beauty and to offer even our most pretentious customers an exquisite fashion accessory.

The quality of the raw materials is our foremost concern, that's why we only use 100% natural gemstones in our bracelets. Our designers carefully select the most suited gemstone combinations, keeping in mind both the qualities of the stone and the need for a modern, refined design.


The stones

We only use 100% natural gemstones

imported from Asia and Africa.

 We can't deny it: nature is an amazing artist. It shapes minerals at tremendous pressure for millions of years before creating the beautiful works of art we see today. Powerful volcanic rocks. Delicate agate stones. All known for their ability of to enhance the free flow of energy through the body.

It’s worth travelling to the end of the world for them. That's why we never compromise when it comes to choosing the highest quality raw materials.

Our job is not to replace nature, but to enhance its most beautiful creations and to bring to light the unique design and properties of each gemstone. Every bead is hand crafted to perfection in our studios. Passion, dedication and precision and the forces that shape it into a key element of each Balisarda bracelet.

Choose your favorite or let it choose you. Discover the energy behind each stone and wear it like your own, unique source of inner power.


The jewelry

We add luxurious handcrafted jewelry

to each bracelet. 

Silver, gold, high-quality natural marcasite and zircon or white and black diamonds - there is no compromise on quality when creating a piece of Balisarda jewelry. We feel that the most powerful gemstones deserve to be accompanied by the finest precious metals and stones available in nature.

Each piece of jewelry is based on a meaningful design:

  • Some inspired by nature, meant to symbolise your connection to Earth.
  • Some inspired by the Oriental culture, meant to bring good fortune.
  • Others inspired by geometric lines, meant to pay tribute to ancient wisdom.

We're particularly proud to be using 100% natural marcasite in our designs, for luxurious details that add a touch of uniqueness


The process

From raw materials to beautiful finished

products, it's all about quality. 

A wise saying goes a bit like this: "it's not about quantity, it's about quality." Some people use it as a motto in life, we use it as a motto in our business.

From the moment we select the raw materials to the moment we wrap up and ship our finished bracelets, we seek to offer our clients the highest possible standard of quality.

  • We use 100% natural gemstones, carefully selected from Africa and Asia.
  • After they are polished to perfection, they are sent to our studios, where our designers plan the gemstone combinations.
  • Precious silver and gold jewelry are added, according to each collection.
  • Our designers handcraft each and every piece, so you can feel that your bracelet is truly one of a kind.

Choose your favorite combination and make a statement each time you wear it.