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A collection dedicated to those in search of an exceptional accessory with a vintage feel.
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Nostalgic Knots
Give your look a surprising twist with
playful laces that will bring out the beauty of
each bead.
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Enjoy the timeless sterling silver
classics of our Signature Collection.
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The Guardians
Be fearless like a dragon and match
your style with prosperity and good luck
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Skull obsession
Let all these handmade, unique pieces of jewelry
help you feel invincible and highlight
your style wearing them.
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Fuel your
inner strength
Beautiful on the outside. Powerful on the inside.
Explore a collection of exquisite jewelry,
made from natural stones polished to perfection.

  • The Eternal Story of Semi-Precious Stone Bracelets

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Life is to short to wear boring jewelry. And that’s the tea!

Welcome to Balisarda World – the place where you will rediscover the meaning of fine art. Our Semi Precious Stone Bracelets are more than simple accessories you can wear to look good. They are feelings. You feel powerful, balanced and beautiful. Shaped with infinite care from rocks that have the well-known ability to restore and enhance your body's natural energy, each Balisarda Semi Precious Stone Bracelet is a symbol of timeless elegance.

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Nature is our muse and our collections are the poetry. We don’t write down lyrics, but handcraft jewelry with love. There is no compromise in our work. The details and high-quality stand as proof. We feel that the most powerful gemstones deserve to be accompanied by the finest precious metals and stones available in nature. Silver, gold, high-quality natural marcasite and zircon or white and black diamonds – everything is needed to always fulfill your expectations with our Semi Precious Stone Bracelets.

We believe in long term relationships. Once you meet the perfect jeweler, there’s no step back. Our store has become over the years a truly home for sophisticated ladies and gents, and you are welcome to be part of our family. Fashion is our passion, so we keep following the latest trends. And so nature meets modernity. More than this, you have to know that each piece of jewelry is based on a meaningful design:

• Some inspired by nature, meant to symbolize your connection to Earth.
• Some inspired by the Oriental culture, meant to bring good fortune.
• Others inspired by geometric lines, meant to pay tribute to ancient wisdom.

Whether you're searching for more balance, energy, creativity or focus, there are plenty of Semi Precious Stone Bracelets that can replenish your natural resources and support you in your quest to better yourself. Learn how to harness the natural power of these ancient stones and to channel it towards your goals. Choose the one that best fits your personality and wear it like your own little secret.