Unravel the Powerful Jasper Stone!

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Unravel the Powerful Jasper Stone!

Thanks to its fascinating array of patterns, Jasper is one of the most stunning gemstones out there. Its name means “spotted stone” and it was derived from Latin and old Greek.

Here, at Balisarda, we love Jasper! It is one of the most fascinating, complex and versatile stones in the world! If you are interested in getting one of the Jasper beaded bracelets, you are in the right place.

In what follows, you can read about the different types of Jasper stones. We hope this information will help you decide which kind of Jasper beaded bracelets is the best choice for you or the person you’re getting it for!

Picture Jasper

The reason why some people choose to call this variation of the stone Picture Jasper has to do with its patterns, in which they saw landscapes of mountains and valleys. You can offer it to somebody aware of the ecological issues going on at the moment and who is invested in solving them.

A lot of people believed that this gemstone held a secret message or a “picture” about their life. While looking at it, they thought they could receive messages from the past and warnings about the future.

For these reasons, you should value the Picture Jasper beaded bracelet you carry. This is why some people say that semi precious stone bracelets choose their owner in the same way their owner chooses them.

Leopard Skin Jasper

The Leopard Skin Jasper beaded bracelets are a very elegant choice for any gentleman. If you look deeper into the history of this gemstone, you will discover that every culture associates it with deep, spiritual meanings.

For example, it is related to the mysterious discoveries a shaman was making during his travels. Or some people use it to connect to their totem animal and gain the strength they need to fulfill their life goals.

The ladies can also find an exquisite version of women’s matte Leopard Skin Jasper beaded bracelet. Designed with sterling silver flower jewelry, this bracelet is the perfect gift for a delicate, kind woman that means the world to you. Thanks to its natural nuances, it is easy to match it with almost any outfit.

Ocean Jasper

By wearing one of the Ocean Jasper bracelets, you will be able to relax, reconnect, and regain your composure. More than that, this gemstone is mostly used by those who are looking for inner journeys, who want to explore their dreams and unravel spiritual aspects of their lives.

If you are interested in doing so, you can go for the gorgeous triple sterling silver beaded bracelet. The energy of Ocean Jasper will guide you through the world while reminding you of the natural circle of life.

We chose to combine this graceful gemstone with silver, as it does not interfere with the mysterious forces carried by this semi precious stone. Moreover, silver is thought to enhance the Moon’s powers! Combine the ocean and the moon’s energies and enjoy the magic!

Zebra Jasper

As you may suspect, the patterns of this gemstone resemble those on a zebra, hence the name. Wearing this beaded bracelet is a very fashionable choice, as it can improve any outfit and boost all moods.

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