GIFT IDEAS: The best 4 semi-precious stone bracelets for Libras

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GIFT IDEAS: The best 4 semi-precious stone bracelets for Libras

Astrology can be very useful when it comes to buying the right gift for someone you love. Never underestimate the power of the Zodiac Signs when you’re trying to find a few unique ideas to surprise your friend. If the one you will celebrate is born between 23rd September and 22th October, it’s time to buy a luxurious present for a fabulous Libra.

Semi-precious stone bracelets are a great gift idea because they will never go out of style. This kind of beaded jewelry will always be in trend: it looks great, it has a timeless design and it can also guide you through your spiritual healing journey.

We talked to our gemologists and we find out which are the best 4 semi-precious stone bracelets you should order for Libras.

Botswana Agate beaded bracelet
Naturally kind, cooperative and very friendly, Libras need to feel permanently protected. This is the main reason why you should order her/him this luxurious Botswana Agate beaded bracelet. Known as the Sunset Stone because of its ability to retain sunlight, this semi-precious stone will give comfort and will protect this zodiac sign through dark and lonely nights. Your friend will thank you later because this gift will be life-changing: the Botswana Agate beaded bracelet will balance the wearer’s physical, emotional and intellectual energies.

Aquamarine beaded bracelet
Nobody is perfect. So, meet one of the Libras' dark sides: the tendency to be judgemental persons. Don’t think twice and offer him/her this powerful Aquamarine beaded bracelet. As its name makes you think of the calming effect of the Sea, it will bring peace to the wearer and it will promote tolerance. This beaded bracelet will help Libras to achieve higher states of meditation and intuition.

Grey Leopard Skin Jasper beaded bracelet
Libras love to love, but in their pursuit of love and balance, they will often need spiritual guidance. We bet that our Grey Leopard Skin Jasper beaded bracelet will become their best friend due to its power to help you find your path. Also, this semi-precious stone bracelet will bring a sense of peace that will fortify her/his body, heart, mind, and soul.

Lapis Lazuli beaded bracelet
You already know: Libras are sociable, gracious and non-confrontational. They will speak up when it will be necessary, but they will never know how to express their opinion clearly and firmly. But, everything can be fixed once you will order a Lapis Lazuli beaded bracelet as a gift for their birthday. The Lapis Lazuli will encourage them to express their opinions in diplomatic ways and at the same time, it will help them overcome indecisive tendencies.

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