4 Colorful Beaded Bracelets Stacks for Spring

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4 Colorful Beaded Bracelets Stacks for Spring

This spring let our luxurious beaded bracelets reveal your style. Don’t think twice and spice up your mood with colorful, 100% authentic gemstones. 

Let your creativity bloom and dare to experiment more. Have the courage to mix & match them. You can’t go wrong and your wrist will easily become the center of attention. 

Let our designer’s choices inspire you and welcome spring with colorful beaded bracelets stacks which will improve your style and your mood also.


Aquamarine & Facetated Labradorite beaded stack


Aquamarine, the March birthstone, not only looks great next to a Facetated Labradorite, but it also helps you reach a deeper spiritual consciousness. As long as you will wear this stack, you’ll see it will catch all the eyes on your wrist and meanwhile it will improve all your social relationships. Give it a try!


Moss Agate & Apatite beaded stack 

Dare to wear colorful beaded bracelets during spring. Let your wrist bloom in beautiful colors and keep your mood positive. Apatite’s sky-blue color will help you be more balanced in everything you do while the green shades of the Moss Agate beaded bracelet will remind you that it’s time to grow and become a better person than yesterday. 


Tourmaline & Black Labradorite beaded stack


Legends say that Tourmaline had traveled along a rainbow and in this way it gathered all the rainbow’s colors. So, choose to wear this luxurious piece of the rainbow on your wrist and let it enhance your creativity. Mix it with the powerful Black Labradorite and in this way, you will create a colorful and powerful beaded stack. It will spice up your casual outfits and your mood. 


Sunstone & Druze Agate beaded stack

Linked to luck and good fortune, the Sunstone beaded bracelet will become your lucky charm as soon as you’ll start wearing it. Next to the Druze Agate beaded bracelet, it will look great and it will encourage you to let your true self shine. This beaded stack is a great choice for spring and summer also. Sunstone and Druze Agate beaded bracelets will look great on tanned skin.



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