Meet Aquamarine, the March birthstone!

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Meet Aquamarine, the March birthstone!

Called the treasure of the mermaids, claimed by the mariners the sailor’s protection charm due to its power to calm the waves, the beautiful light-blue shaded Aquamarine is the March birthstone.

It’s believed that the Aquamarine had fallen from the mermaids’ jewelry boxes and it was blessed by the God of Sea – Neptune.


While it has a deep connection with the sea and its powers are very strong on water, Aquamarine has also multiple benefits on land. It’s thought that March birthstone brings happiness in marriage, so at least one of the members of a couple should wear an Aquamarine beaded bracelet.

In Ancient Rome, lovers were used to exchanging a piece of Aquamarine jewelry to keep their relationships focused on true love.


We talked to our gemologist and we found out that this blue colored gemstone has multiple benefits: Aquamarine can wipe away the stress, can ease a troubled hearth and it can heal the pain of its wearer. Also, by wearing an Aquamarine beaded bracelet all of your social- relationships will be improved and this gemstone will help you to get rid of your affliction of procrastination.

Dear readers, this charming blue beaded jewelry will be a great gift idea for all your loved ones because when you love someone, then you wish the best for them and the Aquamarine will help your wish become reality due to its power to attract in the wearer’s life abundance, prosperity, good luck, and good fortune.





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