Tiger Eye beaded bracelets – 10 benefits of wearing this semi-precious stone

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Tiger Eye beaded bracelets – 10 benefits of wearing this semi-precious stone

Tiger Eye is one of the most popular gemstones. You must admit that you have heard at least once someone talking about this powerful stone that Mother Earth gave us. Known as „The Shapeshifter”, this gem is a life changer stone - once you’ll wear one of the Tiger Eye semi precious stone bracelets you will accomplish everything you’ll have in mind.


Even if this semi-precious stone is not specific to your zodiac sign, you can choose your favorite from its variety of colors Red, Blue, Green, Matte and wear it with confidence. It will improve your life, your inner peace and it will help you be the best version of yourself.

Our gemologist helped us create a list of 10 major benefits of wearing our Tiger Eye beaded bracelets to convince you to order your next luxurious bracelets.

1. Tiger Eye is always associated with courage and confidence. So, wearing it you’ll learn to accept and understand your true desires. It will guide you through your journey, helping you discover your inner self. 

2. Do you feel that your relationship needs a little improvement? Are you having some communication issues with your partner? Many of your conflicts will be solved by the properties of the Tiger Eye beaded bracelet.

3. If you aim to have a successful career than you must wear this semi-precious beaded bracelet daily. The Tiger Eye is the best stone to help you develop your everyday self-realization. Do you know someone who has alcohol/smoking addiction? Help them get rid of these addictions and offer them a Tiger Eye beaded bracelet as a gift. They will thank you later because this semi-precious stone will heal these addictions.

4. Do you ever experience emotional instability? Choose to wear the Tiger Eye beaded bracelet because it will balance your inner Chakras and you’ll finally reach the emotional stability you’ve dreamed of.

5. When stress becomes an important part of your life, welcome the Blue Tiger Eye beaded bracelet in your way. It’s a very soothing gemstone and it will help you to reduce stress and it will increase your inner peace.

6. Are you feeling unlucky often? Meet the Grey Tiger Eye semi-precious beaded bracelet and transform it into your lucky charm. It will help you attract good luck, fortune, and abundance.

7. The name of this gemstone comes from its appearance that resembles the eye of a tiger. It is believed that those who wear it will be protected by the force of an unseen intelligent, powerful tiger.

8. A Red Tiger Eye stone will allow you to open up to unconditional love. You deserve to be happy, to be loved and to feel appreciated by others.

9. The soldiers who were sent to the battlefield used to wear the Green Tiger Eye stone. It gave them the courage needed to move forward. So, if you need some courage and motivation to pursue your dreams, order now your green, beaded jewelry.

10. If embracing the new things from your life was never your favorite part, our Tiger Eye luxurious bracelet can help you love this part. This stone will help you get rid of the old things, old habits so you can welcome all the new, good things from your life in a more proper way. 

And now after you have read all the 10 benefits of wearing a Tiger Eye beaded bracelet, don’t think twice and order yourself one. Our designers are waiting for your order.

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