The Guardians

Be fearless like a dragon and match your style with prosperity and good luck

Life’s balance. Success. Abundance.

„Every time a new Targaryen is born, the gods toss the coin in the air and the world holds its breath to see how it will land.” We are obsessed with Game of Thrones, but we have to admit that the dragons are our favorites. Regarded as fearsome and mighty creatures, they inspire power, elegance, and wisdom. In fact, they are like a giant piece of jewelry: the polished skulls of the Targaryen dragons look like glittering onyx, and their teeth like curved daggers of a black diamond. They became our inspiration, and this is why we dedicated our work to create a spectacular Game of Thrones jewelry collection. We named it The Guardian because dragons are loyal and considered heroes. All these Sterling Silver pieces from the #theguardians collection will help you achieve your inner peace. Here you will find handcrafted rings, pendants, and bracelets made of luxurious gemstones – Grey Tiger Eye and Black Onyx.

Discover the Game of Thrones Jewelry collection and you’ll have your everyday spiritual shield while your style will be upgraded to the next level.

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Game of Thrones Jewelry

Collection's design


With its delicate color and its precious brilliance, Silver is one of the most popular metals used for decorative jewelry. It was also one of our designer’s top choices for adding the finishing touch to our collections, due to its timeless elegance, but also to its positive interaction with natural gemstones. Believed to enhance the powers of the moon, Silver is often associated with peace, patience, inner balance and protection. It is also thought to help people get in touch with their emotions and better express their feelings. Silver is a protective metal that can help you focus on positive feelings and let go of negativity, while also supporting emotional healing processes. Silver will not interfere with the other gemstones, but it will subtly enhance the flow of energy, thus strengthening your connection with your bracelet of choice.