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Uniquely crafted to stand out. A limited collection dedicated to those who want more.

Seeking for jewelry that can match your fine tastes and exquisite style? Welcome to the Paradise of chakra bracelets for men. Celebrate the natural abundance of patterns and textures with a limited edition collection that is bound to catch everyone's eye. Combining the richest colors with the most interesting designs, this limited edition of healing bracelets will exceed even the most demanding tastes. Choose your very own proof of craftsmanship and wear it proudly.

Every healing bracelet in our collection is made with love, dedication, and passion. We use only high-quality 100% natural gemstones and our mission is to enhance their beauty and to bring to light the unique design and properties of each gemstone. Every bead is handcrafted to perfection in our studios so each of our customers can have a unique healing bracelet.

Emphasize your powerful personality wearing our high-quality selection of semi-precious stones, consisting in Apatite, Garnet, Hematite, Lavender Amethyst, Matte Black Agate, Matte Eye Agate, Pink Tiger Eye, Shell Stone, Sterling Silver, Tri Faceted Tiger Eye, and White Howlite. In order to design the most beautiful healing bracelets, we use exclusive silver and marcasite or silver and zircon jewelry.

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Healing Chakra Bracelets for Men

Collection's design
Natural Zircon

Natural Zircon

Zircon is a stone that can be found in many colors and variations, most of them artificially created. Natural Zircon, however, is a rare mineral, which holds the purity of its natural healing properties. It is considered a discrete stone, one of quiet vibrations, which enables the wearer to be at peace with themselves. A stone of great purity, it can bring inner balance, mental clarity and confidence. It can also clear blocked negative energies in the body, thus promoting progress and evolution. A grounding stone, Natural Zircon is able to help you focus on your goals and stay true to your values and virtues. It is often worn for protection, as a substitute for diamond.
Natural Marcasite

Natural Marcasite

Marcasite is derived from a natural mineral called 'pyrite', which was quite popular among Greeks, Chinese and Mayans since thousands of years back. Marcasite became particularly appreciated during the reign of Louis 14th of France, when only the King was allowed to wear genuine diamonds and marcasite was worn as a substitute by the members of the high society. We are proud to be using 100% natural Marcasite, for beautifully decorated pieces of jewelry, as well as for enhanced healing properties. Marcasite is considered very suitable for meditation. It is a protective stone with a powerful calming effect, appreciated by those who want to achieve a higher state of inner peace. It also brings clarity to the wearer, increases the sense of self-confidence and restores inner balance.