Timeless Taste

Class never goes out of fashion. A collection dedicated to those in search of an exceptional accessory with a vintage feel.

Complete any outfit with a fascinating men’s charm bracelet. The stunning natural colors of the stones give this bracelet a unique nostalgic vibe, while the perfect finish of the silver jewelry highlights the luxury feeling we wanted to transmit. Choose the one that best matches your style and wear it with class. How to wear it like a pro? It’s so simple: just the way you like. There are no rules to look perfect. You can opt for men’s charm bracelets set, wear your favorite on your preferred hand or stylize your watch. The result is the same. Your hand will look more elegant and will catch all the attention wherever you go.

For our men’s charm bracelets we opt for a high-quality selection of natural gemstones. Bronzite, Grey Leopard Skin Jasper, Picture Jasper, and Red Snowflake are the showstoppers for Timeless Taste collection. Also, because we don’t settle for less, we chose to use elegantly carved silver and marcasite jewelry.

Ready to find your men’s charm bracelet? Discover our designs and be prepared to fall in love at first sight.

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With its delicate color and its precious brilliance, Silver is one of the most popular metals used for decorative jewelry. It was also one of our designer’s top choices for adding the finishing touch to our collections, due to its timeless elegance, but also to its positive interaction with natural gemstones. Believed to enhance the powers of the moon, Silver is often associated with peace, patience, inner balance and protection. It is also thought to help people get in touch with their emotions and better express their feelings. Silver is a protective metal that can help you focus on positive feelings and let go of negativity, while also supporting emotional healing processes. Silver will not interfere with the other gemstones, but it will subtly enhance the flow of energy, thus strengthening your connection with your bracelet of choice.
Natural Marcasite

Natural Marcasite

Marcasite is derived from a natural mineral called 'pyrite', which was quite popular among Greeks, Chinese and Mayans since thousands of years back. Marcasite became particularly appreciated during the reign of Louis 14th of France, when only the King was allowed to wear genuine diamonds and marcasite was worn as a substitute by the members of the high society. We are proud to be using 100% natural Marcasite, for beautifully decorated pieces of jewelry, as well as for enhanced healing properties. Marcasite is considered very suitable for meditation. It is a protective stone with a powerful calming effect, appreciated by those who want to achieve a higher state of inner peace. It also brings clarity to the wearer, increases the sense of self-confidence and restores inner balance.