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When "regular" is not an option. A Stone Bead Bracelets for Women collection dedicated to those who love to add a bit of sophistication to their look.

Fashion is subjective, but one statement is real. Style is a state of mind. Balisarda has designed for your an exquisite Stone Bead Bracelets for Women collection that will emphasize your personality and give you that something you need to stand out from the crowd. Redefine your outfits with a daring accessory that breathes originality and style. The remarkable colors ranging from vivid turquoise to soft, natural browns are chosen to match each personality type, no matter how different. Choose the one that first caught your eye and let it tell your story.

Our masters selected only high-quality semi-precious stones, consisting in Green Tiger Eye, Matte Leopard Skin Jasper, Mixed Rutilated Quartz, Tri-Colored Moonstone, Turquoise, Variscite, and White Botswana Agate. The unique design is complete with exquisite silver and marcasite jewelry. We invest a lot of time and dedication to all of our Stone Bead Bracelets for Women, so the final product won’t disappoint our customers’ expectations. Discover the entire collection and let yourself be inspired.

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Stone Bead Bracelets for Women

Collection's design


With its delicate color and its precious brilliance, Silver is one of the most popular metals used for decorative jewelry. It was also one of our designer’s top choices for adding the finishing touch to our collections, due to its timeless elegance, but also to its positive interaction with natural gemstones. Believed to enhance the powers of the moon, Silver is often associated with peace, patience, inner balance and protection. It is also thought to help people get in touch with their emotions and better express their feelings. Silver is a protective metal that can help you focus on positive feelings and let go of negativity, while also supporting emotional healing processes. Silver will not interfere with the other gemstones, but it will subtly enhance the flow of energy, thus strengthening your connection with your bracelet of choice.
Natural Marcasite

Natural Marcasite

This green variety inherits, besides from its obvious beauty, the properties that make the Tiger Eye gemstones a perfect choice for those who seek for more clarity, will and focus in their lives. Tiger Eye strengthens one's connection to the inner power they possess and helps them achieve coherence in moments when the right decisions may seem unclear. It can help put things in perspective and unlock the energy needed to turn plans into reality. Choose Green Tiger Eye as a spiritual compass that can help you see your path clearer and boost your motivation for getting from A to B. Its positive influence will help you leave fear or anxiety behind and to start trusting your own potential.