Trend alert: semi-precious stone bracelets are a must for this season!

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Trend alert: semi-precious stone bracelets are a must for this season!

Are you wondering what's the secret for a perfect summer? The waves, the beach, delicious cocktails, your favorite sunglasses and, of course, semi-precious stone bracelets. Pretty simple. There's no need for more. Eventually, it's all about having fun, making unforgettable memories and enjoying new experiences, but all of them packed with style. To be honest, you can't wear too many clothes in summer days, which means your accessory must be on point.

And what can be better than some very simple but extremely stylish semi-precious stone bracelets? No matter you prefer colors that pop or stick with blacks and whites, there's only one thing we can say: let the fun begin! What are the designs you should take into consideration for a killer summer outfit? Keep on reading and let yourself be inspired.

Bright colors for a great looking tan

If you think that summer is synonymous with laying on the beach all day long pending for the perfect tan, then you should choose the right semi-precious stone bracelets. The best options are bright colors. For example, Aquamarine is a gemstone that looks so vibrant and will look so fine on a chocolate-like skin. Terahertz and Apatite are two other alternatives. As a man, you can wear them with linen suits or washed jeans and loose T-shirts. For women, they will look great with flowing dresses, white suits or bootcut jeans. Reveal your own style and personality and become an inspiration.

Black is for memorable nights

We have to admit: summer is not only about sun and beach, but also about amazing nights out. If you use to hit the club every weekend, then make sure you look flawless. Choose semi-precious stone bracelets that can enhance the mystery. For example, Lava is a gemstone that can strengthen your self-confidence and help you in making important decisions. Mohito or Cuba Libre? That's a really hard decision you have to make, so make sure you have your talisman that will help you own the night. But don't stick with a single type of natural stone. You can mix Lava with the gorgeous Matte Onyx.

A little touch of gold is never a bad idea

Gold - the metal of the Gods. There is no compromise on quality when creating a piece of Balisarda jewelry. We feel that the most powerful gemstones deserve to be accompanied by the finest precious metals and stones available in nature. Make sure you meet our latest collection of semi-precious stone bracelets and choose wisely. A single piece of jewelry can change not only the harmony in any outfit but your entire summer experience. More than this, don't forget that gold is so versatile, so you don't have to spend too much time to conceive something too elaborate. Just go with the flow and have fun. In fact, this is all about. Summer invites you to the dancefloor, just don't lose the chance to have the best days of your life.

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