Malachite beaded bracelet: 3 ways to style it

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Malachite beaded bracelet: 3 ways to style it

One of the most popular semi-precious stone bracelets of the moment is definitely the Malachite Beaded Bracelet. It symbolizes the healing green of the nature around you and maybe this is one of the reasons why this luxurious beaded jewelry is worn by some many people during these hot days.

So, no matter you’re going to buy it for yourself or you already have it, follow our stylist’s ideas and we bet you will rock the city with the coolest outfits and the right accessories – our beaded bracelets.

Here are 3 ideas to style it:

Office look

If you need a twist for your office looks, the Malachite Beaded Bracelet was made for yourself. It will look amazing on your wrist, next to our Chrysocolla Beaded Bracelet while you’ll be handling an important meeting. All these shades of green and ocean blue will highlight your light blue shirt and will complete your grey plaid pants perfectly. Did we mention that this combo of gemstones will help you take all the decisions more easily?

Cocktail Party Look

You will be the most stylish man in the house if you’ll choose to upgrade your black-white outfit with three of our beaded bracelets: this time you can put the Malachite beaded bracelet next to the Picture Jasper and Terahertz stones. You’ll know you’ve made the right decision when all the eyes will be on your semi-precious stone bracelets and you’ll feel more confident than ever. Trust us, these gemstones will do their work right. So, give this black-white outfit a chance and let it help you be a classic appearance with a luxurious touch of style. You’ll enjoy the party with all your senses because these men beaded bracelets will make you aware of how you can use everything that surrounds in order to make yourself better and also happier.

City break look

Even if you’re planning a city break in Paris or Rome, make sure you will not forget your favorite beaded bracelet at home. Malachite is a stone of travel and it’s a great idea to take it with you if you have a fear of flying. A casual look can be upgraded easily with handcrafted, high-quality jewelry. A white T-Shirt & black striped trousers can be styled in a cool way if you put on your wrist the Malachite beaded bracelet, near to the Terahertz one. Complete your city break outfit with our unique semi-precious stone bracelets, which have a lifetime warranty. These men beaded bracelets will take care of your spiritual balance and they will open your eyes to the beauty of the city.

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