#nostalgicknots: 10 things you should know about our new collection

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#nostalgicknots: 10 things you should know about our new collection

All these hot summer days have reminded us of childhood, one of the most beautiful periods of our life. Do you remember those days when the only thing you had to do was to play all day long under the Sun?

Do you still keep all those little memories in that huge box, forgotten under your bed? We bet you do! This is why we are pretty sure that you will love the nostalgic vibe of our brand new, luxurious collection.

Created by our designers, the #nostalgicknots collection is already available in our shop. Here are the 10 things you should know before you choose your favorite #nostalgicknots semi-precious stone bracelets.

1. The #nostalgicknots beaded bracelets collection is dedicated to those who appreciate a touch of nostalgia.
2. All the gemstone we use are 100% authentic, natural stone, imported from Africa and Asia and they are certified by a professional gemologist.
3. In this collection, you will find 8 types of semi-precious stones: Hawk’s Eye, Botswana Agate, Sodalite, Black Onyx, Hematite, Terahertz, White Quartz, White Howlite.
4. Our designers used the highest quality black cord for creating this collection, so don’t worry about your bracelet’s resistance over time.
5. The playful, black laces which hang under your bracelet were designed to bring out the beauty of each bead.

6. All the semi-precious stone bracelets have a Sterling Silver bead as a key design element duet to its timeless elegance, but also its positive interaction with the natural gemstones.
7. The Sterling Silver bead and also the Sterling Silver rectangular branded element will enhance the flow of the energy and in the meantime, it will strengthen your connection with your bracelet.
8. All the #nostalgicknots bracelets can be worn daily as your spiritually healing beaded jewelry. All the gemstones we use have multiples benefits and they can guide and support you through your spiritual journey.

9. Before you receive your #nostalgicknots beaded bracelet, it will be purified with the power of Sea Salt, Moon Light, and Sandalwood to receive it without any unfriendly energies.
10. Your #nostalgicknots bracelet will reach you wherever you are (you’ll have free shipping worldwide) and it will come with a lifetime warranty.

Our clients say that this #nostalgicknots collection is perfect for summer outfits, so don’t think twice and place an order right now. Let our semi-precious stone bracelets help you upgrade and also reveal your style.

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