Born in September? You should wear these semi precious stone bracelets!

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Born in September? You should wear these semi precious stone bracelets!

It is said that the September’s birthstone represent the purity of the soul. It was worn by Queens, and also priests because it was considered a totem of protection from harm and envy. The warriors have considered it a sign of fidelity, so they used to give it to their young wives. If the colour of this precious stone would become darker, than it was pretty obvious that it was worn by an unfaithful person.

So, our dearest readers, we present you the birthstone of September – The Sapphire. In Greek language the word Sapphire means Blue, this is why for centuries this stone was considered the ultimate blue gemstone. And it is used in our special semi precious stone bracelets.

Nowadays, the Sapphires are the most popular engagement gemstones. Wearing royal blue Sapphires can help you stay on your spiritual path, can provide harmony and love in your relationship.

If you love the royal blue shades of the Sapphire, than you must get an eye on our semi precious stone bracelets because some of the gemstones we use have similar blue shades as the magnificent Sapphire.

Sodalite Beaded Bracelet

This charming blue semi precious stone bracelets, enriched with Sodalite (known as the Poet’s Stone), will help you express in the best way possible all the things that you want to say because its deeply connected with the communication’s skills. Due to its properties, it will help you increase your intelligence and rationality, also it will help you speak in front of many people without emotions. If you wanna improve your abilities, this Sodalite Beaded Bracelet can be an excellent talisman for you.

Lapis Lazuli Beaded Bracelet

It is called “the most beautiful blue” all around the world. It has been told that this beautiful deep blue semi precious stone bracelet will relieve the owner's anger or negative feelings. If you want to control your feelings better, wear daily this Lapis Lazuli beaded bracelet.

Blue Tiger Eye Beaded Bracelet

This semi precious stone bracelet will catch everyone's attention with its deep, fascinating shades. It will help the wearer to achieve a higher sense of clarity and focus, making it an ideal choice for those who often experience negative thoughts, like insecurity and fear.

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