Why Balisarda encourages men to wear gold bracelets?

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Why Balisarda encourages men to wear gold bracelets?

Gold is the most precious metal in the world, with a single gram valued at around 50 dollars. However, more important than its material value is what it symbolizes, what it stands for. Historically, possessing a large quantity of gold was equivalent to wealth since not too many people, except kings and queens, had access to it. On the other hand, wearing gold translates into a certain social etiquette and statement. People who own gold jewelry feel good about themselves and want to share the message to the world that they are powerful, self-confident and proud.

In modern times, wearing gold was most of the time associated with women's jewelry, while men who had this kind of finery were labeled in different, negative ways. However, as long as they don't show off and they wear gold jewelry in order to express themselves and their personality, men are free to do whatever they want. We, at Balisarda, encourage them, that's why we created the Gold Bracelet Design for Men.

As you will further see, our gold jewelry for men has a very subtle design, integrating this unique material with others, such as gemstones. Our goal is to make men feel more comfortable in their own skin and about their style, and to give them the same opportunities to express themselves as women have nowadays. Furthermore, since wearing gold implies a certain status, it will help you be more calm and diplomatic, cultivating and maintaining the best possible image of yourself in society.

Here are some of the most precious gold bracelets for men you will find at Balisarda:

1. Picture Jasper Beaded Bracelet | Triple 24 K Gold Plated Silver Beads | Brown Gemstones

This precious bracelet arrives in a luxury box and mainly features shades of yellow and brown, as its name suggests. Its main feature is power and it provides maximum stability and spiritual energy.

2. Mixed Chrysocolla Bronzite Snowflake Beaded Bracelet | Triple 24 K Gold Plated Silver Beads | Multicolored Gemstones

Created especially to calm emotions and cultivate inner strength among men, this bracelet is a chromatic combination of yellow, brown and dark blue. As well as the Picture Jasper Beaded Bracelet, this one too arrives in a luxury box, and can be best described by the word "power".

3. Chrysocolla Beaded Bracelet | Triple 24 K Gold Plated Silver Beads | Dark Blue Gemstones

The Chrysocolla Beaded Bracelet stimulates verbal expression and communication, therefore it's recommended for men who want to become more social and express their feelings and thoughts. The main color of this bracelet is dark blue.

4. Bronzite Beaded Bracelet | Triple 24 K Gold Plated Silver Beads | Dark Brown Gemstones

This bracelet has one of the most important roles, which is to clear mental confusion and provide self-confidence. Once you decide to wear it, you will feel much more powerful, important, and nevertheless more elegant.

5. Tri Colored Moonstone Beaded Bracelet | Triple 24 K Gold Plated Silver Beads

Last but not least, the Tri Colored Moonstone Beaded Bracelet, in shades of gold, pink, and brown, encourages emotional openness and helps you calm your mind.

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