The Origins of the Skull Obsession Collection

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The Origins of the Skull Obsession Collection

You must be aware that skulls have been rocking the fashion world for a long time now, but we bet you didn't know how profound the meaning behind the skull symbols is.

The choice of skulls for Balisarda's jewelry collection was not a random one. As every design provided to you by Balisarda, the "Skull Obsession" collection was born after carefully examining the origin and meaning behind the skull.

Bear with us as we take a small detour in history and follow stories which time with the skulls' representation. We bet it is more fascinating than you can even imagine.

Biblical perspective
The Bible has a special take on this issues as it tells the story of Adam's Skull. The legend says that when Jesus was crucified his blood ran down the cross and through the rocks, washing away the first human's skull. Thus, many Christians see the skull as a symbol of humans being saved from eternal death.

The transitory character of life and its events
Many ancient illustrations of skulls come with a Latin adage. The wisdom of these Latin proverbs stood the test of time, therefore people still use it nowadays.

One of the most famous sayings is "memento mori" - remember that one day you will die. From this perspective, skulls are an excellent reminder for the passage of time, and how nothing lasts forever.

A Way into Reading People's Mind
In the 19th century, during the Victorian era, phrenology was a widely known phenomenon. This pseudo-science argued that the best way to read somebody's personality is through the shape of their skull. Until this theory was proven wrong many people chose their wives, their friends, and their business partners according to the shape in which their skull was shaped.

Pirates' flags
It is believed that pirates have two reasons for hanging a skull flag on their ship. First of all, they did so in order to announce they are about to attack their enemies. Second of all, to scare away the bad spirits of the sea. The pirate style was brought back by the arrival of "Pirates of Caribbean" - as you know, many people try to mimic Johnny Depp's iconic style.

... and many others.
Many cultures go for the skull when they have to convey life meanings that are larger than life itself. Just think of Hamlet, the famous Shakespearean character, or about the well-known Mexican tradition, The Day of the Dead. The skull symbol holds a special place in Buddhism as well.

These examples and many others stand to show that the skull does not hold a negative connotation. More than this, the skull is a symbol of the unbreakable connection between life and death. Wearing skull jewelry means you also understand this humanity lesson and, through this understanding, you become a stronger person.

If any of these examples resonate with you, it means it is high time to check Balisarda's "Skull Obsession" collection, where you will find a wonderful combination of rings, necklaces, and bracelets incorporating the symbol of the skull. But make sure to be fast as most of the items are quickly going out of stock thanks to the popularity of this collection!

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