November’s birthstones: Meet Topaz and Citrine

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November’s birthstones: Meet Topaz and Citrine

Those we celebrate this month have two spectacular semi-precious birthstones: Topaz and Citrine. Characterized by charming colors these quality stones have great benefits for the wearers. We talked with our gemmologist and find out a lot of interesting things about these treasures hidden by Mother Nature.

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The word Topaz comes from the Sanskrit word “tapas” which means fire. This semi-precious stone was believed to give strength to the wearer, also this stone could thwart the magic spell. You must know that many people from India used to wear this stone above their hearts in order to help them have a long, healthy life. In the meantime, astrologers have admitted that this stone will bring positive changes in the life of those who are born in November.

A powerful gem, Topaz could be found in a variety of colors: yellow – called the “stone gold”, orange, pink, light blue, violet, brown and very rarely it could also be red. Despite its colors, Topaz could be the perfect stone for those who are searching for true love. It will always bring prosperity and abundance to its wearer. Also, you must know that if you are offering jewelry with Topaz for someone who is born in November, their life will change because of your gift – the Topaz will strengthen his thoughts and it will help them become reality.


Believed to derive from the French word “citron” which means lemon, the Citrine is the second birthstone of November. Like the lemon benefits, this semi-precious stone will bring some Vitamin C for the wearer’s soul because it will emanate positivity and joy.

Having a transparent yellow to brownish orange color, Citrine is a very charming semi-precious stone. This gemstone was very popular during the Victorian era and it could be found several times in the colorful Scottish jewelry.


If you are looking for a gift for the ones we celebrate during this month, semi-precious stone bracelets made of Citrine will be an amazing gift idea for them because this stone is called by the gemmologists as the “Light Maker” due to its special color.  Don’t worry, as its nickname, it will bring a lot of good, powerful healing light into the wearer’s life.  It will help the wearer become more optimistic and more open to the good things that are coming in his way. It will transform his life offering him all the good vibes he needs in order to feel that optimistic joie de vivre.

Both November’s birthstone will bring to its wearer fortune and warmth, so don’t hesitate to buy them beaded jewelry made of Topaz and Citrine.

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