Gift Ideas: The 4 best semi-precious stone bracelets for Sagittarius

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Gift Ideas: The 4 best semi-precious stone bracelets for Sagittarius

They love freedom. They are open-minded and are always hunting the best experiences life has to offer. As you might guess, we are talking about the ones who are born between 22nd November and 21th December– the Sagittarius.

This zodiac sign is ruled by Jupiter – the planet of growth and opportunity, which was the king of gods in Roman mythology. Jupiter is also considered the luckiest, most opportunistic planet of all. So, what should you offer as a gift to a Sagittarius who is already spoiled by life with good luck and unforgettable experiences?

We love to help you, so we made a research with our gemologist and we have 4 luxurious ideas to surprise him. The semi-precious beaded bracelets are again a great gift idea for this zodiac sign. They will amplify the good vibes from his life and in the meantime, they will offer him support in his endless hunting a great life.

1. Malachite beaded bracelets

As they are always searching for new adventures, they might need beaded jewelry which will offer them protection, wisdom, and self-understanding. Thatʼs why the Malachite beaded bracelet is a perfect gift for them. This powerful gemstone will provide them all the support they need through their journey and wearing it daily, these semi precious stone bracelets will become their lucky charm which will enhance the good, positive energy they receive from Pluto.

2. Amethyst beaded bracelet

Because Sagittarius has a dynamic, powerful personality and they are never getting tired while searching for new experiences, goals, and dreams, a great gift for them could be also this Amethyst beaded bracelet. Due to its properties, this semi-precious stone will assist this zodiac sign in remembering and understanding their dreams. In this way, they will be more focused on fulfilling their goals.

3. Garnet beaded bracelet

Sometimes Sagittarius people get stressed by their dynamic lifestyle. Take care of your loved Sagittariusʼs' health and offer him this luxurious Garnet beaded bracelet. If he will wear it daily, this gemstone will help him to release stress and to achieve a new level of peace. The Garnet could become also their ally when it comes to his private love life. Made off a Stone of Love-Garnet, this beaded bracelet will heal the heart of his owner every time.

4. Turquoise beaded bracelet

One of the oldest protection stones, the Turquoise could be also an excellent gift choice for the passional Sagittarius. This semi-precious beaded bracelet will bring her strength and will connect the Sagittarius to his inner powerful spirit. As she will start to wear it, she will communicate with others in a better way.
The Turquoise beaded jewelry will encourage her to speak out her mind and to always tell the truth.

Celebrate all the Sagittarius from your life and spoil them with our handmade, luxurious, timeless taste bracelets!

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