The Everlasting Beauty of Pearls

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The Everlasting Beauty of Pearls

Something is enticing about pearls. They are mysterious, small precious miracles of nature. At Balisarda, you can find an impressive collection of jewelry made of fresh pearls – from necklaces to bracelets and discreet rings, you can find all them in our collection of pearl jewelry.

If you agree that the jewelry you wear tells a lot about who you are as a person, then what can wearing pearls mean? They are a sign of elegance, of a noble and pure character. They are also very feminine and have the power to transform a simple outfit into an outstanding one.

Once you found the right pearl jewelry for you, you have to know how to wear them. Back in the day, a woman would put on pearls only for a special occasion. Nowadays though, pearls go with almost anything.

Where to Wear Pearls?

Of course, pearls are perfect for a special occasion. Having a formal dinner or an important meeting? If this is the case, we recommend the classic Audrey Hepburn look. Go for the classic little black dress and put on your string of pearls and you will look wonderful.

However, pearls are versatile, therefore they can be also worn at the office. They match a casual look – just add pearls to your usual blazer and a shirt and you will obtain a very chic look.

What Is a Fresh Water Pearl?

Freshwater pearls are mostly imported from China. They have a touch of spontaneity to them, as they can be randomly found in lakes, rivers, and ponds.

When you compare them to other types of pearls, you realize they have something special. Most pearls have spherical shapes, however, the ones found in freshwaters are more likely to form irregular shapes.

How to Match Pearls to a White Dress?

One of the most common questions when it comes to wearing pearls is if they also work with white clothes. Of course, they do, but if you opt for this classy combination, you have to pay close attention to the shade of white your dress has.

For example, if you wear a clear, bright white dress, then your pearls should also have the same nuance of white. If your dress is beige, then go for pearls that also carry a darker shade of white. No matter what you do, it is not advised to go for a dress in a shade of white and pearls in a different one.

How to Wear Pearls During the Day?

Pearls can be easily worn during the day and they will also help you achieve a very chic look. However, there two aspects you should pay close attention to. First of all, the length of the string of pearls shouldn’t be very long – the type also knows as ”the rope of pearls”. Secondly, your outfit should be an elegant one – this way, it will be enhanced by the pearls you choose to wear.

On the other hand, you can never go wrong with pearl earrings. The ones we have for you are very discreet while making a huge difference in your everyday look.

To sum up, there is no moment, nor occasion when pearls won’t look good on you. They are classic, elegant and mysterious, so start wearing them more often!

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