7 Bracelets in the Colors of the Rainbow

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7 Bracelets in the Colors of the Rainbow

Rainbows are a wonderful sight. They always appear on the opposite side of the sun in the sky and you are more likely to experience one on a sunny, rainy day. Have you ever wondered how a rainbow is created?

The sunlight, which is normally white, gets broken into the seven colors of the spectrum because of water droplets. The well-known colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Because here, at Balisarda, we respect everything that nature offers, we introduce to you seven beaded bracelets, inspired by the colors of the rainbow.

  1. Red – Festive Rubellite Beaded Bracelet

In the scheme of colors, red represents a chance to start anew. Get the Rubellite hand bracelet for men that will provide the energy coming from primal life forces, and that will work as your lucky charm. The Rubellite is also known for bringing passion into an old relationship, rekindling the flame of love. The type of energy it carries will make you rediscover the magic of young, passionate love.

  1. Orange – Picture Jasper Beaded Bracelet

Orange is not a very common color in gemstones, though a vivid orange stone makes stunning jewelry. Such is the case of Picture Jasper, which will make any of your outfits stand out. Given its brown shades, it will match any outfit and style. If the red gemstone helps you start anew, the orange one will protect you along the way and wash away any fear.

  1. Yellow - Hawk’s Eye bracelets in Multicoloured beads

Worn as a lucky charm, a yellow gemstone offers intuition, clarity, and spiritual guidance. If you wear the Hawk’s Eye bracelet, in Multicoloured gemstones, you will bring positive energy into your life. The name of this gemstone, Hawk’s Eye, hints to its powers: it provides insight and the ability to see things from a new perspective.

  1. Green – Malachite beaded bracelet

The fourth color in the rainbow stands for an organized mind – it is time to calculate and focus on what you want to achieve. By wearing a green Malachite bracelet you will attract success, wealth and money in your life.

  1. Blue – Lapis Lazuli jewelry

Blue’s position in the gradient of colors of the rainbow is correlated to its symbolism. This one is reproduced by the Lapis Lazuli beaded bracelet. We are talking about taking a moment of peace to reflect on who you are, how do you feel about everything you went through and what is that you want to achieve next. Another benefit you will enjoy by choosing Lapis Lazuli jewelry is represented by a harmonious relationship between the soul and the mind.

  1. Indigo – Sodalite beaded bracelet

One of the most particular colors of the rainbow, Indigo tends to confuse a lot of people, being a combination of blue and violet. It is a transition color and the Sodalite is the perfect gemstone to represent it. Maybe you are also going through a transition in your life – which means you need this beaded bracelet that will protect you from darkness and provide intuition.

  1. Violet – Amethyst hand bracelet

An ending is always a new beginning! When you end a cycle, it only means a new one will start soon. Be ready to get closure, learn your lessons, be thankful for them and move on. The Amethyst bracelet is going to help you move on and become a better version of yourself.

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