Overcome Your Phobias by Wearing These Semi-Precious Beaded Bracelets

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Overcome Your Phobias by Wearing These Semi-Precious Beaded Bracelets

Fear is one of the most popular human emotions. Since forever fear alerts us to the presence of danger and it keeps our survival mechanism awake. The causes of fear are very diverse because some of our fears can be a result of a bad experience or a trauma, while others can be the result of our thoughts or of our lack of control over something.

When the fear is directed toward an object or situation that doesn’t represent a real danger and it gets out of control it becomes a phobia - an irrational fear.

Fear of flying, water, spiders are just some of the phobias humans have.

Overcoming phobias is not an easy process, it involves hours of therapy and some of the most powerful semi-precious stones that Mother Nature gave us.

Due to their extraordinary spiritual healing powers, these semi-precious beaded bracelets can help you get rid of your phobias.

Aquamarine beaded bracelet

Recognized by its soft, lovely blue color, the Aquamarine beaded bracelet it is considered one of the most soothing bracelets. Wearing it you’ll see that it will offer you inner tranquillity and gentle energy. It’s recommended by gemmologists in overcoming phobias and dispel all the fears you have. It will keep you calm and I will help you to remain strong.

Chrysocolla beaded bracelet

Once you’ll start wearing this Chrysocolla beaded bracelet, you’ll call it a “feel better” bracelet due to its properties. Gemmologists say that by wearing this beaded jewelry, you will invite the inner balance in your life. Having calming properties, it’s a great beaded bracelet for all those who have several phobias. Wear it daily and let it alleviate your fears and offer you support in gaining a peaceful heart and more confidence.

Rose Quartz beaded bracelet

Phobias come with anxiety attacks and they can appear even when you don’t expect, so if you’re facing this kind of situation, you must order yourself a Rose Quartz beaded bracelet. It will offer you a great source of positive, calming energy wherever you’ll be. This beautiful baby pink, translucent stone is one of the best choices for overcoming your phobias. By wearing it, your heart and your fears will be healed.

Amethyst beaded bracelet

Keep your phobias under control by wearing this charming, light purple beaded bracelet. Called by specialists as the Amethyst therapy, this semi-precious stone will be your ally in overcoming your fears. It will help you remove all the sources of your fears, the negative energy around you and it will replace it with good energy. It will also offer you a mental balance, which is a key point in winning the battle with your phobias.

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