Black Onyx & White Quartz: The Yin Yang of the Jewelry World

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Black Onyx & White Quartz: The Yin Yang of the Jewelry World

The well-known symbol Yin Yang stems from Ancient Chinese philosophy. The meanings associated with this concept are countless, but initially, it was meant to represent the duality of life.

Yin and Yang are opposite forces that coexist to keep balance in life. They have been associated with the everlasting symbols of the world, such as darkness and light, sun and moon, masculine and feminine, and so on. It's a symbol that has existed since the beginning of the world and, in some forms, it is also present in our jewelry collection. We are talking about the Black Onyx and the White Quartz.

Keeping the harmony of yin and yang is important. If the yang is stronger, then yin will be weaker, and the other way around. It is said that this law of balance is governing the whole universe, including your life.

Because it is important to balance the Yin Yang forces in your life as well, we recommend you wear both Black Onyx and White Quartz together – this way light and dark will coexist harmoniously in your inner life.

Black Onyx

As a symbol of yin, the Black Onyx stands for feminine energy, for the dark side of the world. It symbolizes everything that is dark, mysterious, and introverted. It is the much needed passive energy in the universe, present in everything that is receptive.

By wearing Black Onyx, you will be able to hear your inner voice loud and clear, just enough to understand who you really are. Thanks to its protective proprieties, by owning Black Onyx beaded bracelets you will feel safe to express your true self, no matter the circumstances.

Think of it as an emotional detox, that will make you become truer to yourself and lead you to the right path in life.

White Quartz

On the other side, the White Quartz is strong, masculine, and the active element of the universe. It is the creating, empowering force that drives life.

Therefore, White Quartz jewelry will bring happiness to your everyday life. You become more energetic and everything that comes your way will be a wonderful challenge instead of a tiring obstacle.

Its icy-looking appearance will help you see the world more clear and simple. We can use the analogy of a child who falls while he's playing. If you are calm and tell him everything is alright, the kid stops crying and continues playing. Soon he will even forget he fell. The White Quartz works in a similar manner.

It has the power to return this innocence to you. Step by step, day by day, you will see how you attract what you put in the universe. Your life will get lighter, brighter and happier.

The Yin is water or earth – therefore elements that offer life, while Yang is everything that implements life, the fire and the wind, with their penetrating and destroying powers.

The Yin Yang energies for jewelry

In a similar way, the White Quartz beaded bracelets will chase away your fears and give you the courage you need to pursue any dreams and take the less traveled road. Meanwhile, the Black Onyx will cover you in an unseen, magic web that will protect you and give you the insight you need to understand the world.

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