The 5 Best Beaded Bracelet to Wear in the Year of the Metal Rat

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The 5 Best Beaded Bracelet to Wear in the Year of the Metal Rat

The Year of the Metal Rat just began. Even if this year it’s supposed to be lucky for almost all the Chinese zodiac signs, you should know that wearing the right gemstones will help you attract the good energies in your way.


Since Ancient times, The Metal Rat is considered a sign of protection and prosperity and also a sign of new beginnings due to the fact that it is the first of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac.


If you believe in Feng Shui and in the power of the flowing energy make sure you will order yourself one of these semi-precious beaded bracelets. The 100% authentic gemstones will amplify your inner balance and will help you to attract all the good things in your life.


Festive Malachite beaded bracelet


The general lucky color of the Metal Rat year is green. So, this Festive Malachite beaded bracelet was made perfectly for your 2020’s desires. It symbolizes good fortune and it has the power to attract the right people in your way, the ones who will help you achieve your goals. Order it now and let this beaded jewelry bring you luck in this new year.


Festive Turquoise beaded bracelet


The Feng Shui practice will always put the flow of the energies first. This is why the Festive Turquoise beaded bracelet is another great choice for the year of the Metal Rat. Representing the color of Water, this semi-precious stone will clear all the negative vibes from your way and it will help you follow your dreams as the water always follow its own way.


Festive Rubellite beaded bracelet


In Chinese traditions, the red color is believed to ward off the evil spirits. Don’t be afraid! If you will order this Festive Rubellite beaded bracelet you will be protected. This powerful gemstone will be your own spiritual weapon, so wearing it you’ll be safe from the energetic vampires all year long.


Matte Eye Agate beaded bracelet


Considered in Chinese mythology as the best healing gemstone, the Matte Eye Agate beaded bracelet is one of the beaded jewelry our gemologist recommends you for the year of the Metal Rat. Make this beaded bracelet your own lucky charm and let it maintain you healthy during 2020.


Festive Matte Onyx beaded bracelet


Being one of the most popular gemstones among those who love semi-precious stones, the Matte Onyx beaded bracelet is another inspired choice for the year of the Metal Rat. It will absorb and transform the negative energy into productive energy needed in order to accomplish your mission. This luxurious beaded bracelet will guide you during your spiritual healing journey and will help you become the best version of yourself in 2020.








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