The coolest 10 semi-precious beaded bracelets of the fall for all types of men

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The coolest 10 semi-precious beaded bracelets of the fall for all types of men

It’s a men’s world and they are rolling down the street with their coolest leather jackets on. Fall is here: prepare your wardrobe with some nice fall-ready pieces, match them with iconic semi-precious stone bracelets and you’ll be ready to rock the town!

Turtlenecks, vintage & checkered blazers, leather jackets, classic jeans, shirts - all these can be easily styled with our beaded jewelry. We talked with our designers and we have for you some cool combos: fall outfit ideas and the perfect beaded bracelets to complete them in style.
So, let us inspire you and help you to be the most stylish guy this fall!

Hawk’s Eye & Ocean Jasper beaded bracelets for The Trendsetter guy
If your goal is to be seen as the trendsetter guy this fall, wear a high-quality burgundy turtleneck with a leather blazer. Style your look with these semi-precious stone bracelets: Hawk’s Eye & Ocean Jasper beaded bracelets. The fall shaded color of these bracelets will emphasize your style and will give you a powerful chromatic touch. All eyes will be on your wrist!

Botswana Agate & Terahertz beaded bracelets for The Vintage Guy
What’s the difference between a stylish and a non-stylish man? It’s the ability to reinvent his clothes.
So, don’t think twice and give your vintage, dark green blazer a new look. Change its old buttons with some gold touch military ones and match it with a grey turtleneck. Don’t forget to style it with our luxurious beaded bracelets. This time put on your wrist the Botswana Agate beaded bracelet and the Terahertz one next to it. And…you’re ready to go!

Leopard Skin Jasper & Mix of Zebra Jasper, Lava, Leopard Skin Jasper beaded bracelets for The Business Man
You are a successful businessman. Get out of your comfort zone and allow yourself to rock the meetings with some inspired outfits. Don’t underestimate your dark-blue, old suit. It will look simply amazing with a high-quality burgundy turtleneck. Give this look a luxurious touch and match it with our grey-shaded luxurious, hand-made semi-precious beaded bracelets for men. The best combo for you is the Leopard Skin Jasper beaded bracelet & the Mix of Zebra Jasper, Lava and Leopard Skin Jasper. This combination will improve your style and it will help you be more focused during meetings.

Aquamarine & Sodalite beaded bracelets for The Classic Man
You already found your style – classic. You already know what to wear this fall because you’ll never love to try something new but this time let us show you how to enhance your style with two of our most popular beaded bracelets. Meet the fabulous Aquamarine beaded bracelet and the royal blue Sodalite one. These are timeless jewelry and they will complete your look without any doubt.

Blue Tiger Eye & Matte Eye Agate beaded bracelets for the Popular Guy
A popular guy will never doubt his ability to catch your attention. Usually, he will wear a pair of jeans and a beige shirt during fall. He doesn’t need some fancy layering to gain your compliments. He lets the semi-precious stone bracelets he wears do the talking: the perfect combo for his look is the Blue Tiger Eye & the Matte Eye Agate beaded bracelets. They will complete his outfit and as you already expected he will let all the people talking about his style behind.

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